When is Arbaeen 2013 ?

Arbaeen in 2013 is on Thursday, the 03rd of January

Do you celebrate Arbaeen 2013

Peace be upon you. Arbaeen is the day when the Household of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahp)came back to Karbala for a last visit to their dear Hussain (pbuh) the grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuhahp) after being taked as captives by the opressors of their time. Ashura & Arbaeen is two unforgetable days. Everyone who has the chance to go and read, please read about it. It will even make the heart made of stone, soft. link: www.ashura.com a site where you can learn and read a bit about Imam Hussain (pbuh). I'm really sorry for my bad english. Thank you.
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Country : Denmark
This year (2015)the pilgrims in KARBALA were 30 million and more.But it was not reported in any news or media.Why are you biased. POSTED By:HADI HUSSAIN
Country : India
On this occassion, observing fasts and prayers for forty days and forty nights is considered very special.
Posted By :Mudasir nazer
Country : Afghanistan
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