When is Lakshmi Puja 2013 ?

Lakshmi Puja in 2013 is on Sunday, the 03rd of November

Do you celebrate Lakshmi Puja 2013

On this day, oil lamps are lit all around the house believing that Lakshmi (wealth) goes only to those houses which are clean and where the people are hardworking. She does not visit the places which are unclean/dirty or where the people are lazy.
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Country : India
Hindus worship Lakshmi ceremonially at home, pray for her blessings, and invite neighbors to attend the puja. It is believed that on this full moon night the goddess herself visits the homes and replenishes the inhabitants with wealth.
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Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and fortune. Goddess Lakshmi is consort of Lord Vishnu also called as Lord Narayana. Lakshmi Puja is mostly celebrated in eastern part of India on a full moon night after Dussehra and hence it is also called as Kojagiri Purnima. For rest of India, Lakshmi Puja (also called Deepawali or Diwali ) is celebrated on a new Moon night usually in a fortnight after Kojagiri Purnima.
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