When is Thaipusam 2014 ?

Thaipusam in 2014 is on Thursday, the 16th of January

Do you celebrate Thaipusam 2014

The breaking of coconuts during Thaipusam is a cleansing ritual practiced by Hindu devotees. It is a symbolic representation of surrendering one's ego at the feet of God.
Posted By :Srimeenakshi
Country : India
In Singapore, Hindu devotees start their procession at the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in the early morning, carrying milk pots as offerings or attaching "kavadis" and spikes pierced on their body
Posted By :Devija
Country : Singapore
"The most spectacular, colourful and dramatic part, much photographed by tourists, is when devotees who have made a vow during the past year, redeem it by carrying ornamental structures (kavadi) attached to their bodies by hooks and steel spikes that penetrate their flesh. The kavadi also contain two small pots of milk, which are used to bathe a statue of Lord Subramaniam. The devotees coat their bodies with holy ash, wear saffron robes, and may insert metal skewers through their cheeks and tongues." -Culture Smart Malaysia
Posted By :rajnesh bahgwan
Country : Malaysia
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